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During your weekend in Leoben, you need to sit and relax in one of the local pubs or cafés and enjoy a famous Gösser beers. Leoben tourism centers on local hospitality that you wont soon forget. The city lies next to the Mur River and has a rich cultural history. Its here where Napoleon achieved his first military victory and you can stroll the historic walks and learn the story of the treaty signed in Campo Fornio. Leoben culture is bound to the mining industry and is also quite intellectual. Leoben is home to the famous Montanuniversität and other research institutes. When you visit Leoben, youll discover a city of hospitality. Shopping in Leoben is a great way to spend the day with its many shops and boutiques. The local business owners cater to the tourists and their friendliness is refreshing in todays hectic world. When youre done shopping, you can visit one of the nearby Leoben attractions. Leoben is situated in the Weinbauregion called Steirerland in Styria and the vineyards are renowned around the world. There are lots of things to do in Leoben including enjoying the many sloping pastures and green hills of the region.