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Lienz is a very historical area which has many interesting attractions. The Lienz Castle alone makes a weekend in Lienz worth the trip. Extremely close to the center of town, it contains a museum that is the pride of Lienz tourism. The museum contains many Middle Ages artifacts and exhibits including the Rittersaal or Knights Hall. Another one of the interesting Lienz sights is the Liebburg Palace built in the 16th century and now used as a government building. Other Lienz attractions include the Church of St. Andrew and the Roman settlement Aguntum. Like most Austrian towns, there are many outdoor things to do in Lienz. Natural Lienz sights include Iristacher Lake, and the Zettersfeld and Hochstein cable car rides to over 6,500 feet. Lienz culture is bound equally in the ancient Roman settlements and the modern day outdoor life which includes hiking, golf and horseback riding. Lienz has also restored its market area making shopping in Lienz a very enjoyable and relaxing experience.