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You can find some very impressive places when you carefully examine those areas that people tend to overlook. This is perhaps one of the greatest truths of tourism, and Kartitsch exemplifies this by representing a great deal of cultural and geographical treasure for Austria's district of Lienz. Those who love nature will get the most out of Kartitsch's region, due to the wide variety of natural formations that exist here, such as the Pustertal, Iseltal, and Defereggen Valleys. Don't worry, though: despite the natural location, the amazing Kartitsch hotels available to you fully respect the environment.If you want to see some other great places, consider going to the Hohe Tauern mountain range, which is an impressive sight. Equally impressive are the Kalser Tal and Tyrolean Gailtal valleys. Truth be told, this place is a hiker's paradise! Just keep in mind your need to rest, which can be achieved while saving money by turning to one of the several discount Kartitsch hotels that you can find on