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A very small city found in an otherwise simple area, Strassen represents some of the best geography that can be found in Austria. Located within the district of Lienz, this region shares access to the majestic Hohe Tauern mountains, which are capable of impressing tourists with some seriously large mountains, such as the Lienz Dolomits, Karnisch Alps, and the Glockner Group. Among all this nature is a humble city as well, which offers vacationers a play to stay among several good and affordable budget Strassen hotels.Strassen is notable for being very low-key while giving you an awesome value for your money. Fancy lights and huge clubs don't dominate this city; instead, you get a quaint location close to a gorgeous environment. It's cheap to stay here, the attractions are plentiful, and the country is of the highest quality in terms of tourism material. Keep in mind that in order to find the right hotel in Strassen that fits your budgetary constraints, you should utilize the vast resources made available to you through