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When thinking about a trip in Austria, the lovely town of Bad Aussee should be considered. Guests will find wonderful hospitality and peaceful accommodations in the Bad Aussee hotels. It doesnt matter if you are staying for a few weeks or just the weekend, Bad Aussee has enough attractions to make things interesting. Financially conscious guests will find the discount hotels Bad Aussee has to offer to be comfortable and easier on their budget. The Bad Aussee cheap hotels offer many of the same amenities as the more expensive hotels.With where you are going to sleep taken care of, it's time to see the sights. The Alpine Gardens are a great way to see the natural flora of the region. This area is historically known for its salt mines, so a trip to the Salt Mine and Museum is a must see. The Parish Church of St. Paul is a classic example of 13th century architecture. The hotels in Bad Aussee are equipped with a wealth of information about the area's attractions.