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      The Spitalkirche is located in central Bad Aussee. It sits on the Square Meranplatz. A simple structure, it is, nonetheless, worth giving up a few minutes of your time to visit. Take the day off from hiking or skiing in the region around Bad Aussee. Explore the community. Wander into the Spitalkirche. You may be surprised at what you find.The Spitalkirche is a Gothic edifice. It dates originally from 1395. You can separate it from the other church in town, the Stadpfarrkirche St. Paul, by its octagonal tower. This is part of its later construction. After a fire in 1543, it was necessary to rebuild the church. Inside, however, much remains from the earlier period of architecture and art. The double winged altar is from the 15th century. In 1449, Frederich II donated it to the church. It reveals a depiction of the Holy Trinity. On the wings of the altar, you can view scenes from the childhood of Jesus.

      Address: 8990 Bad Aussee, Austria