Hotels in Bishop's Palace

    Bishop's Palace Details

    The Bischofdhof or Bishops Palace is a mansion on Herrenetrasse. The builder, Michael Pruckmayr, constructed this Baroque mansion according to plans by Jakob Prandtauer. (The architect, Prandtauer, also supplied plans for both the Melk and Stift Abbeys). Construction started in 1721. Five years, later, work was finished. The building was the residence of Count Herberstein, a friend of Mozart. The count later became the Bishop of Linz. His mansion, as a result, became the permanent seat of the Bishopric of Linz.The building is one of the most important Baroque secular structures in the city. It is easy to admire its fine lines. The wrought-iron gateway or grille is by Master Valentin Hofmann. It is a clear indication of the admirable work within and without the building.