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    Church of St. Hippolytus Details

    Austria is a land of castles, but it is also home to many churches. Every village has their own religious focal point. This is the Pfarrkirche or Parish Church. It can be simple or elaborate. Sometimes, the simple exterior will belie an elaborate interior. The town of Eferding is no different from other Austrian communities. It has a Parish Church. This is the Church of St. Hippolytus. It is worth your while to wander over to its location on the Kircheplatz.St. Hyppolytus is a Gothic marvel. Its tower rises high above the town. The building dates from the mid to late 15th centuries. Work was finally completed in 1505. There is Gothic tracery and statues from 1497. These include a marvelous statue of the Virgin Mary flanked by St. Hippolytus on her left and St. Giles on her right. The altars are all neo-Gothic or Baroque, blending the two styles together. The nave is from 1451 to 1497.