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    Church of the Teutonic Knights Details

    The Church of the Teutonic Knights, other wise known as the Seminarkirche or the Deutschordenskirche, is a small but striking structure. It dates from 1739. Its construction fell to master builder Johann Michael Prunner working to the architectural designs of Lukas von Hildebrandt. The beautiful concave, Baroque façade highlights the buildings elegance as it hugs the side of the seminary walls.The exterior is remarkable for a number of statues by Johann Gerog Krocher. Sandstone sculptures of the allegorical figures representing Vigilance, Generosity , Chastity and Obedience, sit above the coat of arms of the churchs founder Prince Harrach. The clock tower, capped by a mushroom-shaped dome, is topped by a cross. Inside, the ceiling relief shows God the Father reigning amidst the Angelic Host in a sky covered with gilded leaf ornaments. It is by Paolo d´Allio. The High Altar is from the hand of Martin Altomonte while the paintings on the side altars are by Joseph Schmidt.