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Austria is known by tourists from around the world for being a beautiful and interesting country, and the district of Mödling is a great example of this. There's plenty to see and do when in Mödling, especially within the capital city that goes by the same name. There you can find the Mödling Museum, along with Volkskundermuseum. Both of those places provide valuable insight into the culture of the region. The ruins of Mödling castle are also here, and St. Othmar church is not too far away from it.Looking for the best deals on hotels in Mödling You're at the right place. maintains the leading position in the industry when it comes to reserving discount Mödling hotels, or hotels anywhere else. If you want to find the best rates on a Mödling hotel that's perfect for you, then all you have to do is reserve with us. At, saving you time and money is our guarantee.