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The Neusiedler See (Lake Neusiedler) has been called the Jewel of the Austrian district of Burgenland. Located on the border of Austria and Hungary, it is the largest steppe lake in Central Europe. A discount hotel in Neusiedl am See at the northern end of the lake is an excellent base from which to explore this beautiful region. With a population of about 5900, Neusiedl am See is the largest town on the lake, and a main transportation hub. You can easily get here from Vienna by train.The Neusiedl See is shallow, so the water is usually warm, making it pleasant for swimming and windsurfing. With its sandy beaches, this is Viennas seaside. The water is also slightly saline. The area is popular with bird lovers, because reedy areas along the shore are important nesting grounds. This region is a paradise for cyclists and hikers. While you are staying at a budget hotel in Neusiedl am See, be sure to visit the museum that is devoted to local flora and fauna. You can also see Ruine Tabor, the ruins of a 13th century fort on a nearby hill; and a 15th century parish church. Take a drive around the lake, and see such quaint communities as Podersdorf, Illmitz, Morbisch am See, and Rust. The Neusiedler See and surrounding countryside have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.