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When its time to go shopping in Perge, there are many quaint and interesting shops to be found at the Hauptplatz. You can shop to your hearts content and then enjoy one of the outdoor cafés as you soak up the romance of Austria. While visiting Perg, you want to make sure you visit the unique Ratgöbluckn Underground Tunnel System. Other Perg attractions include the Kalvarienbergkirche and the Municipal Museum of Perg. Another favorite Perg tourism spot is the Oldie Kai Private Museum.If you choose to stay in the city of Katsdorf, youll find many things to do throughout Perg. The Perg culture is dedicated to the outdoor life. There are many hiking and cycling trails you can follow at your leisure. During a weekend in Perg, you can take advantage of the Memorial Trail or a wine-themed event. Perg sights include the market center and many restored buildings preserving an ancient culture. You can visit Perg anytime throughout the year just by starting with