Hotels in Upper Austria

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    Oberösterreick or Upper Austria covers the area stretching from the Bohemian Forest to the Dachstein Alpine Ridge. It features a number of topographical regions including rolling land, several rivers and forested ridges. Many people leave their Upper Austria hotels to visit the scenic Salzkammergut with its mountain lakes; others leave hotels in Upper Austria to visit the Ice Caves near Obertraun. Everyone has a preference and can help you find the right accommodation to suit yours. For instance, your budget may require you to save money by staying in Upper Austria cheap hotels or discount hotels. Upper Austria can then offer you less expensive ways to enjoy your stay. You can hike, bike or walk the streets of such places as Linz and the Alpine foothills. You may also want to remain in the region for more than a weekend. Upper Austria is a place that encourages a longer visit. There is much to see and do in Upper Austria. Visit the Landhaus in Linz where Johannes Kepler once taught or Mozart Haus where Mozart sat and composed the Linz symphony. Visit Wels with its Eagle Fountain and the Imperial Burg where Emperor Maximilian died. There are the medieval fortifications of Enns and the “Fisherman’s Pulpit” in Traunkirchen.