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Vorarlberg is on the Western tip of Austria. It is often called the “Little Province” in reference to its size. Yet, this province, as guests in Vorarlberg hotels discover, offers as much, if not more, than its larger counterparts do. You can leave hotels in Vorarlberg to visit ski resorts, literary shrines and medieval towns. You can see a working waterwheel at Klösterle or where Hemingway wrote The Sun Also Rises in Shruns. Check with for the best accommodations for your needs. You can locate Vorarlberg cheap hotels and discount hotels. Vorarlberg can then be affordable for more than a weekend. Vorarlberg deserves at least several days to explore.In Vorarlberg, you can visit Lake Constance and see Schattenburg, a 12th century structure, or climb Muttersberg Peak overlooking Bludenz. Wander the narrow streets of Bludenz and enjoy the smell of its major product – chocolate. If you enjoy opera and other forms of music, visit the floating stage at Bregenz, part of the Bregenz Festival or take in the Schubertiade Festival in Schwarzenberg and Bezeau. For those who prefer to enjoy natural sights and smells, take a trip to the forests and valleys of Bregenzerwalde.