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The town of Ried im Innkreis is the administrative center for the region of Innviertel in Upper Austria. It is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) north of Salzburg. It is an agricultural community, and the largest town in the province. Ried im Innkreis was the home of the Schwanthaler family of sculptors. These outstanding artists were active from the mid 17th century to the mid 19th century. Some of their works are on display in the local Innviertler Museum. Here, among other art collections and historical objects, you can see the Oberndorfer Silent Night Crib. This crib was part of a church Nativity scene that inspired Franz Gruber to write the Christmas Carol, Silent Night in 1818.Guests staying in budget hotels in Ried im Innkreis may be interested to know of two other famous visitors to this town. Napoleon Bonaparte once spent the night in the building that is now the post office. In fact, there was a foiled assassination attempt on him. Princess Marie Louise, Napoleons second wife, was once a guest in the Old Duty House. In the parish church you can see additional Schwanthaler works, the most impressive of which is a life sized group study called Christ on the Mount of Olives. Johann Peter Schwanthalers pieta can be seen in the Chapel of the Guild Weavers. In the Marketplatz be sure to see the 17th century monument to the local hero Dietmar. Check the listings for information on cheap hotels in Ried im Innkreis.