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      St. Florian Church Details

      The Pfarrickirche or Parish Church in the small village of Ebenau exists for a simple reason. The local metalworkers lacked a nearby place to worship. They made a request to the Archbishop. He granted it. The result was St. Florians. St. Florian is favorite saint among Austrians.The metalworkers received authorization to build their Floriankirche (the Church of St. Florian) in the early 18th century. The Archbishop, Paris Lodron, granted them the right to build the church. John Rieger, a master builder at the time, undertook the building of this church. By 1704, it was ready for consecration. During the same period, construction began on the exterior chapel and the yard for the parsonage. You can visit them all when you go to the village of Ebenau. Be sure to admire the Baroque structure both inside and out. The altars are from a later period. They date from the mid-1800's.