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A visit to the country of Austria would not be complete without visiting the amazing city of Mattsee, which is home to many huge churches and castles to explore. By offering up attractions focused around the regions abundant history and cultural heritage, Mattsee is one of the most enriching and edifying stops youll make on your trip to Europe. That said, you wont be able to see all that Mattsee has to offer in one day, so be sure to book a discount hotel with the best of all places to go in Mattsee is the Gothic Abbey Church of Mattsee. This church has a great gothic style and many beautiful things to see inside, one of which being the Mattsee Abbey Church Museum, filled with relics and glimpses into Austrias glorious past. The airy and light-filled structure of the Gothic Abbey Church is contrasted by a visit to the Mattsee Castle, with its imposing façade and fortress-like walls, offering a glimpse at both faces of European history.