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      Austria, like Germany and the Czech Republic, is a country where beer is the favorite brew. It is a daily beverage, you have with your meal. Many Austrians and Germans take their beer seriously. There are beer festivals celebrating the makers of the frothy drink. There are several microbreweries in Austria. There are also more commercial efforts. There is however, only one organic beer company in the entire country. It is located near Bad Hofgastein.The Organic Brewery Schmaranzgut (Bio-Braueri Schmaranzgut) is the proud brewer of traditional beers in Austria. This means, the beer base is not simply hops. Instead, the wheat beer consists of organic hops. This farm produces its own hops. In order to maintain the integrity of the product, the Organic Brewery uses only the purest of spring water. While at the farm, you can take part in a tasting or quaff a beer in the small pub. You can also spend some of your money buying the organic produce and meat products for the farms shop. You can also purchase eggs and schnapps.

      Address: Wieden 52, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, Austria