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      Parish Church Details

      Churches in Austria come in many different sizes and architectural styles. There are Gothic and Romanesque as well as the ever popular and common Baroque churches in the larger urban centers. There are also small Gothic or Romanesque churches in rural centers. The Pfarrikirche, or parish church, in Bad Hofgastein is an excellent example of late Gothic outside the major cities of Austria.The Parish Church of Our Lady dates from the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Its construction took place between 1498 and 1507. The Church sits in a prominent central location befitting its position in society. The area is pedestrianized. No traffic is allowed in the central core. In spite of reconstruction work in 1596 and 1782, the church still retains its Gothic appearance without and within. Inside, on the Baroque High Altar by both Josef Andra Eisl, painter, is a 16th century Madonna and Child by someone in the school of Michael Pacher. The cherub-bedecked altar is pure Baroque. The 18th century statuettes flanking the altar are of Catherine, Dominic, Rupert and Virgil. They are by Paul Modlhammer.

      Address: Pfarrgasse 6, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, Austria