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Eichgraben is a great city to visit in Austria. When exploring the city, one will notice the magnificent mountains and palaces all over this is truly a place where natural beauty and history come alive. In fact, some of the best places to see in Eichgraben include the Central Alps and the Southern Limestone Alps. The huge grand mountains make for a wonderful introduction to everything you want to see in the city. You can plan out your trip with a full view of Eichgraben at your feet. Dont forget to bring a camera!Be sure you book a discount Eichgraben hotel in advance with, because you definitely arent going to be able to take everything in in one day. In fact, its while walking from your hotel to the attractions that youre bound to discover the most authentic parts of Austria this is a beautiful country to really explore on a trip and the city of Eichgraben is a splendid example of this.