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Cathedral Details

The Domkirche, or Cathedral, in St. (Sankt) Pölten, began its existence as a Romanesque basilica. It altered its façade, interior and even tower with the advent in the town of Jakob Prandtauer (1658-1720). This great Austrian Baroque master hailed originally from Stanz in the Tyrol. He adapted the church to the very popular Baroque style.The Domkirche (1722-1730) is dedicated as the Cathedral of the Assumption or Maria Himmelfahrt. Its 77-meter-high (252 feet) Romanesque tower dates from the 13th century. During this period it gains an onion dome. The exterior, although somewhat plain, belies the ornate interior. The work features fake red marble and gold in an ornate symphony. There are paintings by Bartolomeo Altomonte, Daniel Gran and Antonio Tassi. They depict scenes from the life of Jesus. Tobias Pock created the main altarpiece. You can see the frescoes painted by Thomas Friedrich Gedon in the nave. You may also want to take in the Rosary Chapel. You can locate it just off the choir.