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The Baroque master architect, Jakob Prantauer of Stanz, Tyrol, made a definitive statement in Sank Pölten. He arrived in town and created a number of Baroque structures. They still stand today. Among them are the towns Cathedral, the Carmelite Monastery and the Institut der Englischen Fräulein convent.The Institut der Englischen Fräulein convent or Institute of the English Ladies, (Mary Ward , founder) features a classic Baroque façade. It resembles a palace more than a church or convent building. It is also one of the exquisite Baroque structures in Lower Austria. Work began upon it in 1706 and continued into 1715. The facilities were enlarged in 1765. Prandtauer is responsible for the frothy pink and white façade, although some of the stuccowork may be by Andreas Grubin and Peter Widerin. The Interior of the Chapel owes its frescoes to the capable hands of Bartolomeo Altomonte and Paul Troger.