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Scheibbs is a small town in the district of Scheibbs in Lower Austria. Guests staying in budget hotels in Scheibbs will discover a charming, historic community of narrow little streets and impressive mansions. As you stroll through the town the romantic atmosphere takes you back to a storied past. The present community dates back to the 12th century, but the site was inhabited before Roman times. Be sure to visit Topperpark, Stadtpark, the Old Cemetery and the 19th century chateau called Schloss Lehenhof.Visitors come to Scheibbs to see the stately parish church and the nearby 14th century castle. The fortifications towers and parts of the defensive walls have been preserved. Another interesting attraction is the Rifle Guild Museum. In the 16th and 17th centuries the riflemen of Scheibbs were instrumental in turning back Turkish invaders. Scheibbs is also famous for its beautifully painted ceramics and porcelain which can be seen in the Keramikmuseum. This is a cultural center, and throughout the year guests in discount hotels in Scheibbs can attend concerts, readings and other events. Scheibbs is not far from Gesause National Park.