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        Alpine Garden Details

        The beautiful Belvedere Palace offers visitors much to see and admire. Besides being a work of art in its own right, it houses several collections of artwork. You can also spend time wandering the landscaped gardens. One of the gardens you should try to make time to see is the Alpine Garden.The Alpine Garden ranks among the oldest of this type in all of Europe. Archduke Erzerhog Johann began its creation in 1865. You can find the Alpine Garden in the Upper or Oberes Belvedere Palace. This garden is a wonder to behold. Inside a city, far from its natural habitat, you can locate Alpine plants. Some of them are rare; all of them are not usually found in an urban setting. The garden is comprehensive in its variety. The setting is also complementary to the plants. There are bridges dotting the landscape. A small pond adds its own quiet charm to the setting. There are also the plants, hundred and hundreds of them on display. This is a delightful way to spend some quiet time.

        Address: Rennweg 14, Mechelgasse 2, Vienna, Austria