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        You cannot come to Vienna without viewing the sumptuous monument to the Hapsburgs the Belvedere. Here, you have two Baroque palaces linked by a formal garden. It was the quiet summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy. Today, the gardens and palaces, upper and lower (Unteres and Oberes) are open for you to explore. Give yourself plenty of time to admire the palaces and the gardens for themselves before you embark on a tour of the three art museums within.The Belvedere is the work of Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt. He devoted some 10 years of his life to the construction of his best work. The beautifully landscaped gardens on three levels are by a French landscape architect, Dominique Gerard. The monumental Baroque structures, including the Orangery of the Lower Belvedere, are home to the Austrian Baroque Museum, the Museum of Medieval Art and the Museum of 19th and 20th Century Austrian Art. In the Lower Belvedere, you can find the paintings and sculpture of the Austrian masters including J. M. Rottmayr, Martino Altomonte, Daniel Gran, Paul Troger, Georg Rapael Donner and Franz Xaver Messerschmidt. In the Upper Belvedere, you will see work by Richard Gerstl, Gustav Klimt,Oskar Kokoschka, Egon Schiele and Van Gogh.

        Address: Prinz Eugen-Strae 27, 1030 Wien, Austria

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