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        Although Mozart is the darling of Vienna, he is not the only composer to make an impact in this city. Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) made his home in this building on suburban Kleine Steingasse, what is now Haydngasse. Haydn lived here composing for 12 years of the later portion of his life. He died here on May 31, 1809.Haydn bought Haydnhaus in 1783. He renovated it, adding another floor. The Haydnhaus is where Joseph Haydn composed most of his famous oratorios, the Creation and the Seasons. The building now houses a museum in his honor. You can see his grand piano, the last upon which he ever played. There is also memorabilia including portraits, documents and sheet music. There is also a memorial room to Johannes Brahms (1833-1897). Brahms idolized Joseph Haydn, keeping his memory alive. The Brahms Memorial room contains a clavichord once Brahms but, purportedly, owned once by Joseph Haydn.

        Address: Haydngasse 19, 1060 Wien, Austria