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        What can one say about the Hofburg, the Imperial Palace Do you visit to admire the Imperial Apartments or to visit the Burgkapelle to hear the Vienna Boys Choir There are also the many museums. This is a vast complex not to be ignored and not to be rushed through without due attention. It rose up over 700 years. It will take you at least a full day to see much of it.The Hofburg consists of 2,600 rooms. You can access these rooms by using the right staircase of the 54 in the palace. There are 19 courtyards and 18 wings. The Swiss Courtyard is from the 13th century, the Burgkapelle hails from the 15th. There are within its confines six museums, the latest being the Sisi. The Sisi dedicates itself to the late wife of Franz Josef, Empress Elisabeth. Other museums include the Silberkammer (Silver Collection. This is 7 rooms full of silverware. There is also the Schatzkammer, home of the Imperial Treasury. Here, you can see jewelry and fine examples of craftsmanship. There are the Imperial regalia. In room 11, you can admire the beauty of the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Emperor as well as the simplicity of the so-called Holy Lance (8th century).

        Address: Michaelerkuppel, 1010 Wien, Austria

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