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        Prater Park Details

        The most famous park in Vienna and Austria is the Prater. It is like no other park in the city. It combines natural beauty with created works of grace and elements of pure fun. It is a place to stroll along a tree-shaded promenade, the Hauptalle. It is also a place where you can smash bumper cars and enjoy other carnival rides. The Prater is also home to the Riesenrad, possibly the slowest Ferris wheel in the world.The fair dates back to 1766 when Joseph II decide to give the land over to local use. It has since remained a pleasure ground for all to enjoy. In the 19th century, a funfair sprung up at the west end. In 1896, the great Riesenrad appeared. It was forever immortalized in the 1949 movie The Third Man. The Prater is also home to a Planetarium, a trotting stadium, a racetrack, a swimming pool and much more. It is the ideal place to take your family as it has something for everyone.

        Address: 1020 Vienna, Austria

        Phone: +43 1 7280516

        Open hours: 11:00 am 12:00 am