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        Amongst the Universities in Austria, the University of Vienna, Alma Mater Rudolphina, is the largest. Its faculties and departments are not physically in one place. You can locate them in various buildings throughout the city. It is also the third oldest University in Central Europe following Prague then Crackow. It opened in 1365, but did not grow until the late 15th century. By 1883, it had established itself in the present central base designed by Heinrich Ferstel. The buildings are in the Italian Renaissance-style. They stand around one large and eight smaller courtyards. Although there are some 60 other locations of the campus, the heart of the University is here, in the Ringstrasse.The University of Vienna is popular with English-speaking students. It offers students a selection of more than 130 study courses. It has 120 degree programs and 15 research faculties. Among its faculties are the Faculty of Catholic Theology, the Faculty of Protestant Theology, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Social Science, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Chemistry.

        Address: Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien, Austria

        Phone: +43 1 42770