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The town of Wolfsberg in the state of Carinthia, Austria, is the capital of the district of Wolfsberg. It was founded by the Bishop of Bamberg in the 11th century. Today it is an industrial town of about 29,000 people, and is the largest community in the Lavanttal Valley. Discount hotels in Wolfsberg cater to the visitors who come here for summer and winter sports. The surrounding countryside is beautiful, and is popular with hikers and horseback riders.One of the principal attractions in this city is the Schloss Wolfsberg, a large castle that dates back to at least 1178. In the mid 19th century the castle was remodeled in Neo-Tudor style. It is now used for dress balls, seminars, and family and corporate events. Also of interest is nearby Bayerhofen Castle, which dates back to the 13th century. The Church of St. Mark was originally Romanesque, but later had Gothic features added. Inside you can see an impressive relief of The Lion of St. Mark, with the Evangelists head behind it. The town center, Hoher Platz, has several attractive 16th century houses, and a Marion column dating from 1718. During World War II, Wolfsberg was the site of Stalag 18A, a POW camp that held Allied prisoners, mostly British, Australian, and New Zealanders captured in the Greek campaign of 1941. Little evidence of the camp remains, but a plaque commemorates the men who were held here. For information on cheap hotels in Wolfsberg check the listings.