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      There are many reasons why you might wish to visit a church. Churches reflect the architectural style of the times. They demonstrate the regions wealth and stature. Religious edifices are cultural symbols. They are pieces of a communitys history. A church dedication can reveal a favorite saint. In doing so, it can also indicate another facet of the community. This is particularly true of the Chapel of St. Anne in Leogang.The Chapel of St. Anne is part of the Leogangs Museum collection of buildings. It is in the small village of Hütten. This is a former mining village. The town also had a smelting works. The choice of Saint Anne over other saints indicates the prominence of mining within the community. St. Anne, together with Saint Barbara and Saint Daniel, is a miners Saint. St. Anne is the mother of Mary. There is association between her and silver. If you enter the Chapel, you will be able to view a rare treasure. St. Annes contains a mine altar. This is one of the very few such altars extant in Europe today.

      Address: Schwarzleo 3, 5771 Leogang, Austria