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Perhaps the closet thing to being natural Barbados, the parish of Saint Philip is relatively undeveloped and quite rural. It consists of large amounts of agriculture and doesn't have a real city that represents the area. However, the closest thing present to serving that role is Six Cross Roads, which functions as the hub for the local communities. The biggest attraction Saint Philip has is the Sunbury Plantation, and beyond that there's things like the Mount Gay Rum Distilleries, Garrison Savannah, Animal Flower Cave, and more to enjoy on the rest of the island. Hotels in Saint Philip are somewhat rare, but they're modest and enjoyable.Saint Philip isn't about attractions, though. This is a place people can go to appreciate Barbados as an unplanned and non-commercialized country, one that is still simple and dependent on an old-fashioned way of life. Saint Philip Hotels represent this as well, and aren't all geared towards the high-flying lifestyles that some people enjoy in the richer parts of the country. has all the information regarding discount Saint Philip hotels, and allows you to make reservations with one to save you time and money.