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        Hof van Busleyden Details

        The residence of Hiëronymus van Busleyden, was actually occupied by him from 1503-1508 and is quite a remarkable building. It is one of the more attractive late Gothic style buildings in the town center of Mechelen, Belgium. Hiëronymus van Busleyden was of noble birth and studied at law, catching the attention of Philip the Fair for his noble jurisprudence. He was inducted as a counselor and registrar of the Great Council of Mechelen, and joined the diplomatic service of Charles the Fifth. He died in 1517.After his death, his court became many things. From 1610 until and including WWI it was a pawn house called Mountain of Charity. From 1938 until the present, it has been the host to the City Museum of Mechelen. On your tour through this building you will see extremely valuable collections. Sculptures by Lucan Fayd'herbe, Ernest Wijnants and Rik Wouters. And you'll marvel over the superb gold leather ever produced in Mechelen. Interesting note: greet the original legendary doll, the mascot of Mechelen for over three hundred years. Its name is Op-Signoorke.

        Address: Frederik De Merodestraat 65, Mechelen, Belgium