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        Antwerp International Airport Details

        Antwerpen International Airport (Deurne) 2 km from the City of Antwerp, Belgium and is one of the busiest major airports in the area. It has serviced well over 106,000 people since 2005 and each year the numbers increase as more and more people experience cheaper flights over the channel. Antwerpen International Airport (Deurne) is a critical center for business flights and international transportation of goods, and offers regular connecting flights to Amsterdam, London and Geneva.Antwerpen International Airport (Deurne) offers free parking area for approximately 500 cars in an area accessible 24/7. Although an international airport, it is small enough to allow you to actually leave the building roughly ten minutes after you have landed. You are also not walking major distances to get from one gate or area to another at the Antwerpen International Airport. The airport is centrally located and a major connecting point for bus routes. E.g. Bus route 14 from De Lijn provides regular connection to Antwerpen-Berchem and Antwerpen-Centraal, where national and international train connections take you to your destination.

        Address: Luchthavenlei, B-2100 Antwerpen, Belgium

        Code: ANR

        Phone: +32 3 285 65 00