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        Mechelen Town Hall Details

        The Mechelen Town Hall is quite the remarkable landmark. What makes it stand out from other town halls is the fact that it actually consists of three distinct parts. Those parts are the former cloth hall, a showy palace and some new construction added on later. The oldest and most interesting part is a Gothic cloth hall complete with a belfry. It was actually modeled on the one at Bruges, but it never got finished because they ran out of money. Over the ages this part of the building has been restored and altered with 17th century Baroque elements.In the early 16th century more plans were made to replace the hall with a palace for the Great Council (law court). Seems the architect never finished the plans and work stopped in 1547. What was left was sold to local merchants for shop or storage space. Along came the 20th century and the east wing of the Mechelen Town Hall finally got finished. Even though this rather eclectic building can't seem to make up its mind what it wants to be, it's definitely worth touring and watch for the beautiful 16th century tapestry of the Battle of Tunis is the Reception Room on the first floor.

        Address: Grand Place, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

        Phone: +32 2 279 22 11