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        If you haven't been to Antwerp, Belgium then grab a camera and find the Town Hall.It's totally an eye-catching building on the Grote Markt and is one of the oldest Renaissance buildings in the Low Countries. Antwerp's Town Hall was finished in 1564 under the expert guidance of architect Cornelius Floris de Vriendt.Interesting story: Antwerp had originally made plans in the 16th century to build themselves a dandy fine new Gothic town hall. However, they wound up having to use the material to defend themselves against attacks from the Army of Maarten van Rossem from Gelre. That set them back a good twenty years before they could go at it again. However in that time period Gothic style was out and renaissance was in. So the long and short of it was they got a Renaissance style town hall. And what a beauty it is! Further interesting note: the 45 doors on the ground floor were built to house little shops. The rent the shops paid was used to help finance the building.

        Address: Grote Markt 1, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

        Phone: +32 3 221 13 33

        Open hours: 8:30 am 5:30 pm