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        Mechelen is a city of Belgium, located within the province of Antwerp. With over 78,000 residents, it is fairly large, and the residents speak Dutch primarily. Mechelen is notable for having a large assortment of interesting places and things to visit and see, such as St. Rumbold's Cathedral, Palace of Margaret of York, Technopolis, and at least a dozen of others amazing establishments and relics from the past. Because of such, there are numerous hotels in Mechelen that aim to please tourists.Another interesting aspect of Mechelen is the Brusselport, which is a 13th century gate that once kept guard over the inner city. Mechelen's history runs deep, and the city is as modern as it is classic. Hechelen hotels can often be found in some of the oldest and most unique buildings still standing, and these structures are indicative of the unrepeatable qualities of the city. lets you compare rates and find a hotel in Mechelen that meets your needs and cost.