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        To say that the Manneken-Pis (Brabantian for little man wee) is a bit unusual would be a major understatement. It is a monument/landmark with several legends attributed to it. However the most famous legend of the Manneken-Pis recounts that Duke Godfrey II of Leuven's (at the time 2 years old in 1142) troops were battling the Berthouts. The 2-year old Duke's troops hung him up in a tree in a basket to give them support, and he urinated on the Berthouts who eventually lost the battle. This small bronze fountain of a wee lad urinating into a fountain basin is the center of an ongoing dispute over whether the one is Brussels is the oldest, or if the one located in Geraardsbergen deserves that designation.The other rather "visually" intriguing legend of the Manneken-Pis is that during the 14th century Brussels was under siege. The attackers were going to place explosives at the city walls. The story goes that a little lad called Juliaanske say them getting ready to set the charge, urinated on the burning fuse and saved the city. No matter which version of the legend you prefer, it's a truly colorful and playful piece of Belgian history. And speaking of playful, on many occasions this little guy gets all tricked out in a variety of different costumes. History says the Manneken-Pis was actually once used to dispense liquor.

        Address: Corner of rue du Chene and rue de l'Etuve, 1000 Brussels, Belgium