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        Plan on spending at whole day at the National Botanic Gardens in Meise, Belgium, an attraction that covers the most amazing collection of plants you will ever see in one place. Over 18,000 plant species are on display, nestled next to vast lawns. Take several turns through the lovely greenhouse, stand in awe at the water castle, and with some luck maybe feed the wildfowl. The National Botanic Gardens are not shy with amenities either. In fact if your small child just can't walk any longer, there are special husband-drawn kid carriages. The National Botanic Gardens are research centers and curators of the plant world. In their gardens, laboratories, herbaria and greenhouses plants are constantly being studied, classified and cultivated. Without this vital knowledge the world would lose many aspects of our planet's rich biodiversity.Make no mistake about it! The National Botanic Garden of Belgium is located in Meise, a smaller village situated north of the center of Brussels, just inside the Flemish Region, i.e. outside of the Outer Ring Road around Brussels. Local people and taxi drivers often confuse the National Botanic Garden in MEISE with the cultural centre 'Le Botanique' (the Gardens pre-1970 location) in Brussels city. If you follow the tourist information panels 'Le Botanique/Kruidtuin' in the centre of Brussels, you will arrive at their OLD location.

        Address: Nieuwelaan, 1860 Meise, Belgium