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        Just across from the Royal Palace in Brussels, Belgium is the Palace of the Nation aka the Belgian Parliament. When the royal area of Brussels was reconstructed during 1777 the town decided to build a new building for the Council of Brabant. Since this was during medieval times, this building served as the supreme court of justice. Belgian independence came in 1830 and what better place to put the Parliament of the new state, but in Brussels. Architect Barnabe Guimard made sure his creation would be in sync with other classical buildings around the royal park.Interesting notes: Belgium is a kingdom. King Albert II succeeded to the throne in 1993. His authority is purely symbolic, with executive power over the ministers. He can dissolve the Federal Parliament. It is the Prime Minister who runs the country. He is responsible towards Parliament. The legislative power of the county is held by the King, the Chamber of Representatives and the Senate. The Chamber of Representatives is composed of 150 members who are elected by general election for a four-year term of office. There are 71 senators, 40 are elected for a four- year term, 21 are chosen by the communal councils and co-opted by their peers, and 10 are senators by right.

        Address: Natieplein 2, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

        Phone: +32 2 549 81 11

        Open hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm