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    Belgium is a culturally rich and interesting place, and the city of Charleroi captures these qualities perfectly. Located on the banks of the Sambre river, Charleroi has a history of industrial activity that can be seen in the buildings and the landscape. Beyond that, there's plenty of architecture that dates back to even the age of the Roman Empire. One of the older buildings is the Belfry of Charleroi. You can find good food and drink in this city, along with notable Charleroi Hotels.If you're going to visit this city, take the time to go to the Maison Doree, a remarkable structure built by the architect Alfred Frere. Further outside of Charleroi is Brussels, which has the St.Michael and Gugula Cathedral and the Royal Palace of Brussels. Hotels in Charleroi know all about the local attractions, and can give you information on them as well. To find a hotel in Charleroi that is ideal for your budget and tastes, you can use's great services to compare lodges and reserve online.