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Aalst provides a large assortment of beautiful buildings and plenty of friendly residents, a staple commodity of Belgium. Located on the Dender River, this city is 19 miles away from Brussels, which makes it an attractive place to find a good Aalst hotel not only for its own features but for saving money while visiting bigger cities as well. A famous building in Aalst is the St. Martin's Collegiate Church, which dates back to the year 1480. There's also the Aldermen's House located next to the belfry of Aalst.When strolling through this pleasant city, make certain to look for the status of Dirk Martens, who established himself as the first bookprinter in the Netherlands region. Don't worry about transportation, either; the city is well-connected, with plenty of streets leading between all the major hotels in Aalst. Speaking of which, you can find the hotel in Aalst that meets your needs with's database. You can also make reservations as well.