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        Blankenberge is located in West Flanders, a province of Belgium. This city has around 18,329 citizens and is recognized for having the attractive Blankenberge Beach along with several famous events, such as the Klankenberge and the Flower Parade, which occurs annually on the last Sunday of August. There's also the Blankenberge pier that stretches 350 meters in length.Hotels in Blankenberge make good choices for lodging because they're affordable and put you close to other impressive locations. You can travel to Bruges, an attractive city with the Grote Markt that contains the Bruges belfry and the Provincial Court. Don't forget to check out the Church of Our Lady that has an amazing and picturesque tower! Blankenberge Hotels are located on routes that lead you to these places and many other fascinating attractions swiftly. lets you find a hotel in Bruges that puts you where you need to be to take advantage of exploring the region without spending a fortune.