Hotels in IJzertoren (Yser Tower)

        IJzertoren (Yser Tower) Details

        There have actually been two Ijzertoren in Diksmuide, Belgium over the years. The first one was built after WWI by an organization of Flemish soldiers. In March 1946 it was blown up illegally with dynamite. No one ever caught who did it, but it was thought to be a group of Belgian military and resistance fighters. A few years later a new tower was built on the same site.The IJzertoren symbolizes the demand for Nooit meer Oorlog (No more War) and in fact is written on the tower in the four languages of the fighting forces during WWI (Dutch, French, English and German). The rebuilt tower that stands at 84m height is the highest peace monument in Europe. When you see the tower you will also see the abbreviations of AW-WK which is Dutch (Alles Voor Vlaanderen-Vlaanderen voor Kristus) which means All for Flanders Flanders for Christ. This is considered to be the symbol of Flemish nationalism more specifically with regard to the rights to use the Dutch language and to keep its political autonomy. Look for the War, Peace and Flemish Emancipation Musuem in the Ijzertoren.

        Address: IJzerdijk 49, 8600 Diksmuide, Belgium

        Phone: +32 51 50 02 86