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        When you think of a peaceful, quiet place for a lovely restful vacation think of the little village of Lombardsijde, in Belgium. While it has no real attractions like some of its neighbors, it offers striking panoramic views of the area and lovely beaches and camping. There is a minor attraction of sorts, and likely has a story attached to it, but no one has been able to figure it out. One day a figure of the Madonna was found on the beach. It is now in the village church. By the way, transportation here is something you just have to check out. The Belgian Coast Tram services the coast between De Panne near the French border to Knokke-Heist near the Dutch border. Interesting note: this is the longest tram line in the world, with a 68 km long line. The service makes 70 stops, with a tram running every ten minutes during the peak summer months. It is such an attraction, not to mention useful, that over 3 million passengers use it.

        Another thing that makes Lombardsijde interesting is its history. In the fifth century there was a large Anglo-Saxon settlement there that grew in the 11th century into an important town with a large harbor. Storm floods in 1116 and 1134 devastated the town almost completely and altered the course of the Ijzer River so that Lombardsijde was divided from Nieuwpoort.