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        If you ever wondered just what secrets the ocean had to reveal, Seafront Zeebruges will give you the answers to those questions. This maritime theme park that covers over 20,000 m2 on and around an old fish market of Zeebruges offers some of the finest exhibits you'll find. It's an interactive collection that focuses on the history of the North Sea and what role Bruges played in relation to that. You'll also find out about the origin and evolution of the new seaport, fisheries from the 1920's and so forth. Don't miss out on seeing an authentic Russian submarine.What's really a lot of fun is the entrance to this attraction. It looks like a mystery tunnel that disappears under the sea. Along the way you'll meet the inhabitants of that part of the ocean as well. You will learn how the Germans in WWI understood the significance of the seaport of Zeebruges as a submarine harbor. Explore the first fish mine, a wooden shed built in 1922. Take part in a fish auction. This is one of the most delightful amusement parks you will ever tour. Fun for families and all ages!

        Address: Vismijnstraat 7, 8380, Belgium

        Phone: +32 50 55 14 15