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        Sealife Blankenberge introduces you to the life in the sea that surrounds you. You'd likely not even begin to imagine the kinds of animals you can find off the coast of Belgium. The world Sealife Blankenberge brings to life is usually only seen by experienced scuba divers. This isn't just about fish. It's about the plants and other life alive under the rolling waves. Sealife Blankenberge recreates those habitats in great meticulous detail anything from tidal pools to rocky underwater caves.The water you see the sea life in is kept crystal clear to enhance your viewing pleasure. Some sites use water directly from the sea, but it is filtered before it hits the tanks. Just some of the things you will see are the pipefish, a relative of the seahorse, is particularly plentiful in European seas. And did you know the beautiful Cuckoo Wrasse fish can undergo a sex change Or did you know a starfish can shed a leg and grow another one Sealife is a must see adventure park without a doubt.

        Address: Koning Albert-I-Laan 116, Blankenberge 8370 , Belgium