Hotels in The Town Hall and the Burg Square

        The Town Hall and the Burg Square Details

        Bruges, Belgium is rather unusual in that it has TWO town squares. The biggest one is called the Markt and the second is called the Burg the heart of all things government. But nonetheless it is a uniquely striking square that is worth visiting. It was at this particular site that Count Baldwin I built a fortified castle to protect the area. The castle isn't there any longer and neither is the St. Donatius church which once was across from the town hall. What you will find instead of the church is a small wall that represents a partial reconstruction of the choir walls. This was done in 1955 when St. Donatius's foundations were found.One of the most eye appealing buildings in Bruges is the gothic town hall that was originally built in 1376. Interesting note: this was one of the first town halls in the Low Countries. The front of the building features six gothic windows and the town weapons of the cities and villages under administrative rule from Bruges. You'll also find 48 niches for statues. The statues that were once there were destroyed in the French Revolution and their replacements in the 19th century have been traded in for more up-to-date versions. When you enter the entrance hall you will see an enormous staircase that leads to the Gothic Hall. Take a look on the wall. This hall was decorated in 1895 with neo-gothic paintings illustrating the most important events in the history of Bruges.

        Address: Hoogstraat and Breidelstraat, Brugge, B8000, Bruges, Belgium