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        Wenduine Details

        Wenduine has a really fascinating history as a fishing village that suffered its way through some adversity in the earlier centuries and came out the other side as the Princess of Bathing Resorts. Around about 1378 Wenduine had a fishing fleet of 43 boats and at least 178 fishermen that seemed to spend most of their off time in the local bars. Aside from that though they had frequent work problems with pirates, warring ships and porpoises (Meerzwin or Marshwin) getting caught in their nets and destroying them. This of course affected their quota and they complained. They received permission to harpoon the porpoises without mercy year round. (harpoon without mercy).

        In 1424 the fishing guild of Wenduine needed a new banner and so they chose text for it that read "t harpoen, zonder pardoen!" which translates to "with harpoon, without mercy". Along came the 16th century and with it, the decline of the fishing industry. Once the village started losing its major economic reason to be, it began to shrink. But, it still had one good thing going for it it's magnificent waters that gave the town the name of the Princess of Belgian bathing resorts. That simple fact alone changed the town from a fishing haven to a tourist attraction.