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    Kortrijk is located on the river Leie in the Province of West Flanders. For travelers spending a week or weekend, Kortrijk has many interesting sites to see. There are the ancient wall remnants, which encircle the town and two medieval towers that are the only city fortifications left standing after Louis XIV of France destroyed the rest in 1684. Kortrijk hotels offer visitors many comforts to make their stay pleasant. When it comes to hotels in Kortrijk, for people watching their budget, there are Kortrijk cheap hotels, which are effortless to find using The discount hotels Kortrijk offers visitors are perfect for smart travelers.One of the most popular museums in Kortrijk is the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. Tourists get to enjoy not only the wonderful paintings, pottery, archaeological artifacts, and more but also the museums seventeenth century Renaissance architecture. The Grote Markt is a place where visitors can see the Belfry, the Cloth-Halls ruins, World War 1 memorial and other interesting sights. The official Town Hall possesses innumerable carved statues and much gothic-renaissance style architecture.